Tom Valter


International Standout

-USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals

-Won USDF Horse of the Year with several horses

-Recipient of the LIfetime Achievement and Contribution to California Dressage Society

-2001 IALHA Champion Dressage Horse Second, Third level

-2004 Reserve National Champion Andalusian Lusitano Horse Association

-2005 USDF Reserve Champion at Prix St. George level

-2006 IALHA National Dressage Champion - Second Level

-2007 IALHA National Dressage Champion - Fourth Level


Major Achievements

1986: United States Representative to World Championship in Toronto, Canada

1986: USET Grand Prix Champion

1989: Team Gold Medal at Olympic Festival

1991: Team Silver Medal at Pan American Games

1999: Bronze Medal USDF Grand Prix Vintage Cup

2000: Grand Prix Champion Dressage Association of Southern California

2001: FEI Dressage for Five-Year-Olds top five horses for Region 7

2001-2007: Holds all IALHA National Championships or Reserve Championships for Training Level to Prix St. George

2008: IALHA National Champion

2008: Grand Prix Champion Dressage Association of Southern California


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