The Horse-One-Ship Clinician

Jane A. Guzman holds the British Horse Society Instructor Certificates in both Teaching and Stable Management B.H.S.I. (T. & S.M.) She was a listed Dressage Judge and longtime competitor in dressage, showing and eventing.


Jane’s positive approach to riding and training horses help riders achieve their goals, both on the flat and over fences. Jane evaluates each horse and rider before customizing an individualized program.  Jane believes that a progressive, classical approach helps build a horse’s confidence and ability while maintaining soundness.


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Jane answers specific questions through Private messages (PM) on Facebook free-of-charge. Alternatively, come and audit some lessons and ask questions. 

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Client Testimonial


I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for about 3 years now and what a blessing it has been for both me and my horse! What hooked me immediately was her overall approach to working with horses and students by placing the wellbeing of the horse ahead of everything else.  She took her time to learn about me, my riding history, my horse’s past, and set realistic goals to attain. 

(Although I was competing at the upper levels in eventing, my horse and I had lost confidence, so I chose to spend some time revisiting the fundamentals of riding to fill in the gaps.)

One of the things that anyone who meets her will ascertain is her passion for teaching. Her enthusiasm for getting her point across is infectious and inspiring. But not only is Jane’s attitude towards teaching motivating, but her ability to break down principles of a rider’s position and how it affects the horse is beyond compare. Recognizing that students learn in myriad ways, she will use different phrases, analogies, visual, auditory, and tactile aids to illustrate a concept.  Once she identifies what technique works with which rider, she will cue that student using that same method of learning.

Jane is detailed, organized, and thoughtful in her philosophy of teaching.  She bookends her lessons each and every lesson. By that I mean she has a plan that is laid out at the beginning of each lesson regarding what goals she would like the rider and horse to achieve and how best to achieve them.  At the end of the ride, we discuss the lesson, what was gained, and what homework we should work on. And of course, throughout the lesson, she asks questions, adds comments, and takes many breaks to reward the horse and further explain the theory behind the methodology. 

I think one of the greatest compliments that I can give to Jane is that no matter how frustrated I get because I’m impatient and want to get it right and all at once, I have never, not once, left a lesson without a positive takeaway. She reminds me that it is an arduous journey. A process. One that takes a long time but is so incredibly worth it.  To have my horse moving better, getting stronger, feeling happier and more confident now at 15 years old than he ever was is all the proof I need. Jane has a gift and I am fortunate to have found her. Both my horse and I are eternally grateful!  

-- Gretchen Meyer

More Client Testimonials

Jane customizes each lesson to fit the needs of the horse and rider for that day.  Every moment of the lesson is filled with a purpose empowering the rider to train their horse more effectively.  -- Allie Ester

Over the years, I have watched Jane help a variety of horses and riders improve significantly. Her patient methodical teaching program allows riders to not only know what to do, but to understand why. -- Claire Massey

Happy I am to have found Jane Guzman who has the skill, experience and formal training she shares with her students. My horse had lost confidence, but Jane has thoughtfully taught me how to regain that, which makes our relationship that much more rewarding.  -- Cindy Tamillo